Ben Evans - Illustrator - 2016

Fine Art

  • Pipe

    Part of a project on the joining of land and sea. I feel it brings out the beauty of a sewage pipe and the fact of having a drawing of a sewage pipe hanging on the wall.


    • 100% Pencil
  • St. Catherines Hill, Guildford

    Technically quite hard to create. I found a piece of toughened glass and had the idea to use the glass as the frame. The image is created in revearse so the foreground was painted first, starting with a backwards signature.


    • 50% Oil
    • 50% Glass
  • Bosham. (Batman)

    Bosham at low tide in low sun. Affectionately known as Batman, for obvious reasons. A technique I descovered at college. A layer of graphite is applied over oil pastels and scratched to reveal the lighter colours.


    • 40% Oil Pastel
    • 20% Oil
    • 40% Graphite
  • Bosham in the rain

    Small commissioned piece. The brief was 'The seaside in te rain'. Oil on Canvas.


    • 100% Oil
  • Porlock Weir

    Commissioned. It's Porlock Weir. That's all. Oil on canvas, with a slight drawing of pencil over.


    • 99% Oil
    • 1% Pencil
  • Garden Stream

    Small commissioned piece. A view of a garden from a window. Oil on canvas.


    • 100% Oil
  • Farm Mural

    Large commissioned piece to fill a conservatory wall. A rural landscape created from a selection of places around Surrey. Oil on MDF.


    • 100% Oil
  • Reptilian Humanoid

    A cast concrete head, somewhat decade after being outside for 10 years. The concrete mix wasn't perfect so the sculture was never perfectly formed but it gives it a rather pleasing aesthetic.


    • 99% Concrete
    • 1% Moss
  • Moroccan style lamp

    A moroccan style lamp made from pop-rivited tin cans. I descovered that heating tin cans to a high temprature gave them a lovely dark metalic colouring. The lamp is made from tins cut, straightened and bent to form the frame. You can probably see the feet are made from the lids. The shades are constructed of wire frames layered in tissue paper.


    • 60% Tin
    • 25% Hand made paper
    • 10% Wire
    • 5% Rivets
  • Lamp

    Created from a childhood of model plane construction. A balsa wood frame wrapped in hand made paper. I liked the idea of constructing a cylinder from square formers.


    • 90% Balsa Wood
    • 10% Hand made paper
  • Metalwork Wasp

    A welding and forging exercise at college. The brief was to make insect headwear. Welding the antenie (welding rods) to the thick cylindrical solid iron upper skull was thought to be impossible by the tutor.


    • 100% Iron

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